Condimentary supports charities and non-profit organizations to create their own branded food products, effectively learn about business and manufacturing and become financially sustainable. Consumers, purchasing through Condimentary, contribute to a more socially inclusive and environmentally friendly world.

We’re not just about helping charities be more visible and financially independent. 

Working with society’s most vulnerable, we help participants further their resilience and give them hope.  

We built Condimentary from the ground up in conjunction with grassroot charities in London. Our very first product was a sauce. Our director is a Psychologist. We believe in the elementary nature and the intrinsic benefits of mentoring. Hence our name. 

We are growing our range of products beyond condiments and increasing the impact of our mission. 

A product, when developed from the heart, tells a story and every story embodies a vision.  Condimentary supports charities and non-profit organizations to enter the marketplace to promote the invaluable work they do, all around us. 

Condimentary helps charities and non-profit organizations bring their vision to market.