Create your own branded food products

As a charity or non-profit organisation you have the full creative freedom to produce according to your own recipe and create your own design for the branding of your product. You can also work with a ready-made recipe, focusing your creativity on the design and branding. A brand, when developed from the heart, tells a story and every story embodies a vision. Whichever option you choose we’ll help you every step of the way to launch onto the market and impart your vision. 


The real discovery, unquestionably, lies within

We’ll take your charity or non-profit organisation on a fascinating journey whereby you’ll learn about business in a hands-on way. You’ll meet your manufacturer and discover other charities and their vision, striving to improve the world. We help participants further their resilience and give them hope. 


Reach a global audience of people who care and share your vision.

Selling your product is a unique way to let the community know about the great work you do. It will increase your visibility and attract supporters to your cause. In return, it allows you to become more sustainable and independent. Connect with a community of ethical consumers and proudly sell your own product. Every sale through Condimentary contributes to a world, shaped by your vision.